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Relief For Those with ADD/ADHD Behaviors Using Neurofeedback

Stop Suffering!

If you suffer from ADD/ADHD behaviors, or have a loved one that does, you understand how disruptive it can be to work, school and everyday tasks.

Do you struggle to focus with one task at a time at work? Does it feel impossible to finish schoolwork on time? Do you often lose focus on even the smallest of projects? Is restful, uninterrupted sleep hard to achieve? Is it difficult to relax? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, read on to learn how neurofeedback can alleviate these concerns!

Neurofeedback can provide brain regulation which in turn improves ADD/ADHD behaviors


Feeling an overall sense of focus and clarity on a regular basis


Becoming more productive in everyday tasks and time-intensive projects


Experiencing less inclination to become scattered

Focused, Calm and Relaxed

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Brain Training

We work with you to train your brain using visual and auditory feedback.

We map your brain so the doctor can create a custom neurofeedback protocol for you.


Sarah V.,  as seen on Yelp

“I could not be more grateful for Dr. Villanueva's help with my 11 year old son. We came in as a result of Years of serious sleep issues with my son, desperate and unsure of where to turn next. Within just a few sessions my son was sleeping much better. Now, two months later, he's a new kid!

He's sleeping well, more focused, more engaged and more motivated than we've ever seen him. This stuff is for real! I was skeptical, but I'm so glad I took the leap to give Dr. Villanueva a chance to help.

His is amazingly knowledgeable about the brain, with years of experience in the field of psychology and Neurofeedback. His direct and honest, yet compassionate approach were well received by my son.”

Neurofeedback is a brain training program that aims to guide the brain to self-regulation by visual, auditory or kinesthetic feedback. It is not a treatment nor a cure, however studies show that it may provide benefit to those who experience any type of attention deficit symptoms. We recommend doing a one hour training session two or three times week to see quick improvement.

Neurofeedback may help improve ADD/ADHD behaviors by globally regulating most causes of it. We can target your (or your child’s) problem area by doing a qEEG (also known as a brain map). Deficits in attention are usually related to circuitry between the specific parts of the brain as well as possible genetic factors. A qEEG gives us a clearer idea on what to target. 

At the Alpha Theta Center, we also administer a research based cognitive assessment to help measure overall brain function. This assessment, created by Cambridge Brain Sciences, gives us insight into specific types of brain function including working memory, deductive reasoning, verbal reasoning and response inhibition. This combined with a qEEG provides us with the tools to thoroughly identify possible issues causing ADD/ADHD behaviors and a way to alleviate them! 

What is Neurofeedback?

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Possible ADD/ADHD causes:

  • Genetic factors (e.g., dopamine deficiency in the Striatum)
  • Excessive theta / beta ratio
  • Dietary influences (gut and brain inflammation caused by reactions to gluten or sugar)
  • Environmental conditions (emotional stress)
  • Excessive light sleep (often not realized as being a cause)
  • Vitamin Deficiency (Especially vitamin D)
  • Low intake of Essential Fatty acids ( < 250mg a day)
  • Some behavioral characteristics:
  • Lack of attention
  • Lack of impulse control
  • Incessant body restlessness

Our experience with ADHD taught us the following :

  • Diet and sleep deficiencies can cause significant attention impairments
  • There are different brainwave patterns associated with type of ADD/ADHD.
  • Different brainwave patterns interact differently with different medication.
  • Obtaining a qEEG (brain map) can help us determine the most effective approach to work with ADD/ADHD.

The Nitty Gritty Science

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