Personalized Brain Training Rooted in Neuroscience

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, protect, and enhance your gift of consciousness. We are here to increase your mental and cognitive functioning. Depending on your symptoms, we work with you and your brain. Would you like to be able to....

- Better regulate your emotions?
- Experience restful sleep?
- Improve focus or reduce your mental fog?
- Cultivate personal insight?

How Neurofeedback Can Help You

Do you lay awake at night trying to sleep? Or is your sleep so light the slightest thing wakens you? Are you always on edge with no peace in sight? Do work or school assignments leave you in a fog? Or perhaps you have lost someone close and your grief has yet to subside? Do you wonder if you are losing your edge as you age? Or perhaps you have weekly nightmares or night sweats from a past event? Neurofeedback, used by CEOs, elite athletes, and entrepreneurs can enhance peak mental and physical performance. Talk to us about your symptoms, your concerns, or your goals and we can tell you if this technology can assist you or your loved ones.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is not a treatment per se, neurofeedback is a personalized training approach which guides your central nervous system towards efficient self-regulation. Our process often results in improved cognitive function, emotional stability, and dynamic communication within brain networks. First, we use a 19 channel EEG cap to record your brainwaves also called a 'qEEG' or 'brain mapping'. We then (a) analyze your raw EEG data, (b) create topological brain maps, and (c) perform Independent Component Analysis thus giving us a variety of EEG data necessary to create your customized neurofeedback protocol.

Neurofeedback session are generally done in 60 minute appointments where individual surface electrodes are placed on designated scalp locations. The resulting monitored brain wave activity is then fed back to the brain via visual, auditory, or kinesthetic feedback. This dynamic feedback process can be imagined as showing your brain a mirror thus enabling it to self-correct. An individual generally feels more relaxed by the end of every session.

The Alpha Theta Center provides an upscale, relaxed setting for its clients within a knowledgeable and friendly environment that trains you to become your best.

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