Our Purpose

We train your brain towards an optimally balanced neural state so that you can:

- Feel your best
- Sleep through the night
- Reduce your depression or anxiety
- Recover functioning from a traumatic brain injury

How Neurofeedback Can Help You

We record your brain’s EEG, then using our analysis and a normative database, we map your brain creating a personalized training protocol to help you function better. Our mission is to serve, protect, and enhance your gift of consciousness. Whether you want lower anxiety, better sleep, or peak performance, we are here to increase your mental and cognitive functioning.

We do not see anxiety, depression, insomnia, concussions, PTSD, memory issues, focus, substance abuse, migraines, or Autism as isolated mental disorders to address, we see these disorders as symptomatic expressions of dysregulated neural communication patterns – most of which really can become better functioning with brain training.

The Alpha Theta Center provides an upscale, relaxed setting for its clients within a knowledgeable and friendly environment that trains you to become your best.

The Alpha Theta Center has proven technology to map your brain function with a Quantitative EEG.
Call us today at (858)952-7660 and find out how BRAIN MAPPING can help YOU!